Original (Spiral shape) Contactstab 150 cm

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Head Shape

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THE ULTIMATE MESMERIZING Flowbonacci Original dragon staff heads are perfect for day light performances, festivals stages and any moment you want to visually mesmerize an audience.

They provide a very strong optical illusion when spun. Spinal hubs (black pieces) are based on a refined and light design. They are not suitable with fire spokes. The pole (3 sizes available) is made of carbon fiber and partly covered with a durable structured surface rubber grip

This pack is including one pair of Original dragon staff heads + one pair of Spinal hubs + one screw set + one Allen key + one Goat gripped carbone fiber pole.

Technical specifications :

Tube outside diameter : 22mm

Tube length : 1.4m or 1.45m or 1.5m

Total weight = 1,15 kg

Artikelgewicht: 1,30 Kg
Abmessungen ( Länge ): 150,00 cm

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